“I have to learn how to smile now!”

We heard it again today!  “I have to learn how to smile now!”  Our happy patients who have received our Magnificent All-On-Four dental implant treatment say it frequently once they have completed their care with us!
As he was leaving our tropical dental resort, he specifically told us that he had to train himself to smile since he hadn’t smiled for many years.  He was self-conscious, and steered clear of all family photos!  Everything had gotten worse and worse for him until he chose to take action.  This situation had taken place over a number of years until he decided to do something about it!
He called us and was ready to get healthy again!  As in most cases, we took care of all of his severe problems within one week!
His story is not unique, and it may even be your story, too!
A smile collapses slowly and gradually, and sometimes there aren’t many symptoms until the dental disease has progressed.  Sometimes, your infected teeth can be shortening your life as the toxins circulate inside your body—connecting you to other inflammatory diseases like type 2 Diabetes or heart disease. Our treatment is always life-changing, and, in many cases, life-saving!
At first, you may ask yourself:  “How can I save my life with a smile?”
But, it’s true!  Infected, diseased teeth shorten lives, and we see these adverse effects every single day!
When our teeth begin to fail—when they decay or break or become infected or diseased— they are still connected to the rest of our body.  This is usually a gradual process, and when things happen gradually to our bodies, we may not immediately notice the damaging effects……. 
Our overall health is directly related to the health of our mouths, and problems inside our mouths quickly spread to the rest of our bodies—wreaking havoc with our strength and vitality!
If you have disease and infection inside your mouth, that inflammation spreads and connects to other regions of your body making you sick all over!  In many cases, diseased and infected teeth can slowly be shortening your life!
If your teeth are broken and decayed, your ability to properly chew has been altered in the worst way!
When you cannot chew your food, large pieces fall into your throat and cause terrible problems!
Recently, we have been made aware of two patients within one month who were choking to death on their food because of their missing, broken, decayed, and diseased teeth!  How awful for them! 
In one case, our patient’s adult son had to perform the Heimlich Maneuver twice during Christmas Dinner to save his life when he was choking on his meal!
When your teeth are missing and broken, you are unable to chew your food properly and thoroughly. 
 In these cases, only partially chewed food is dangling in your throat causing you to choke and grasp for air! 
We now know that these situations exist for many people…
If this happens to you, it is time to pick up the phone and call 1-877-526-4547 today so that we can
solve all of these problems, and help you to live a long, healthy, and happy life!
Please do not live like this — you deserve better, and your family deserves better!
It’s time to take control of your life, and that starts with control of your health!
Your family needs you to get well, and to get well quickly!
Remember the man who was choking at Christmastime?  Prior to his Magnificent All-on-Four Implant Treatment, he had also been diagnosed in recent years as a diabetic…his type 2 Diabetes was directly connected to the inflammation inside his mouth. 
One week after surgery, his sugar levels decreased significantly….. 
Two weeks after surgery, he started eating healthy again……
Two months after surgery, he no longer needs to take any diabetic medications!!!
What would it mean to you to get healthy again? 
It’s essential for us to emphasize the importance of not waiting to have your treatment done.   
If you have visited our office and participated in our Complimentary Masterpiece Smile Consultation, then you have received thorough, careful, expert diagnosis and screening and evaluation of your teeth, gum tissues, and entire mouth, and I have informed you of what you need most to save the teeth you can, replace the teeth that cannot be saved, and to get you much healthier by removing the inflammation that exists inside your body.
This inflammation is dangerous because it connects you to all types of heart disease, type 2 Diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease, and certain types of cancers.
The treatment that we provide here is not only life-changing–it can also be life-saving………….. and, if you have decided to wait on your treatment………. Others have moved forward into treatment and are reaping the benefits of this great decision!
While YOU have been waiting………..
Anthony went ahead with his treatment and removed inflammation from his system… his blood sugar lowered and his diabetic situation improved the very next week after treatment!
Oliver proceeded with his treatment and removed inflammation from his system…..  his sinus headaches and infections stopped the next day after his treatment!
Barbara said “yes” to her treatment and she could finally eat the foods she wanted and she could finally leave her house during the day since she was no longer embarrassed by her appearance!
Robert went ahead with his treatment so that his teeth wouldn’t wiggle while he spoke and his confidence was restored!
Cindy proceeded with her treatment so that she would enjoy going out to eat with her husband and not worry about a “disobedient denture” anymore! Their date nights are great again!
Charles said “yes” to his treatment because he was tired of his face collapsing and his elderly appearance– he was also tired of being afraid to have treatment done!  Now, he boldly tells his story of a new smile everywhere he goes, and he also tells his friends how easy it was!
Dennis went ahead with treatment because he wanted to go out to breakfast with his  neighbors, and he was tired of missing out on the fun!  Now, he enjoys every meal with gusto!
All of these people (and many more!) have said “yes” to a healthy, new life full of wonderful opportunities!
While they have gone ahead with their choices to improve their lives, you have decided to wait…
What exactly are YOU waiting for? 
Shouldn’t we make the most of the days we have been given?
Like us, we know that you have lived your life, and have worked hard for those you love.
It’s not unusual for us to place ourselves last and to settle for discomfort and fatigue for ourselves– although we would never allow others to suffer!
This is your time to say “NO” to suffering, discomfort, and embarrassment with your teeth!
It’s time for you to meet with Dr. Anglis and our entire team and make a plan to get well!
It’s time for you to feel better, look younger, and live longer with our dental implant treatments!
Join our happy family of patients who are healthier, stronger, and focused on living high quality lives!!!
Our unprecedented success in achieving comfort, peace, and joy within our tropical resorts is due to two promises we keep with our family of patients and make to you as our future patient—
#1. We really listen to you as you share your “dental story” since we know that yours is unique and important and significant!
#2. We honor and respect you, and we do everything we can to make you comfortable, and to help you feel safe and protected here.
We know that you have quite a dental history, and that you have probably done your very bestto preserve your dental health over the years. If other treatments have not been successful or complete, or if other dental professionals have not treated you with the respect you deserve, it can be exhausting……
You may be a victim of Dental Exhaustion, and our complimentary Masterpiece Smile Consultation is the only way to confirm it! You owe it to yourself to schedule a visit with us!
When dental exhaustion takes over, it’s a process that occurs over time………..It’s such a gradual process that we may not notice right away…..but our children and grandchildren have noticed!
Our children and our grandchildren are our greatest treasures, and certainly can be our most honest critics! Their frequently and fervently asked questions include these quotes:
“Why are you whistling like that when you talk?”
“Why is your mouth making that noise?”
“Why do your teeth look like that?”
“Why do you have black teeth?”
“Why do you have missing teeth?”
“Where did your teeth go?”
“Why are your teeth in a glass?”
If you have been asked one or two of these questions, you are sure to call one of our tropical dental resorts located in Crown Point or Michigan City, Indiana to begin the creation of your smile masterpiece!
A smile that you, your grandchildren, and your entire family can be proud of – each and every day!
While you may initially feel embarrassed by the questions, you have known for a long time that your smile and appearance are not what they used to be, or what they should be right now.
Usually, a smile collapses slowly, and you don’t notice the gradual changes right away……. but others do. Your friends, family, and especially your grandchildren.
Besides aging you and dramatically changing your appearance, broken, decayed, and diseased teeth will also rob you of your good health, so it’s time to visit us for the solutions to your challenges.
It’s time to visit us to experience ultimate respect and compassionate understanding—without judgment.
We know you have done your best!
Most often, our new patients are dentally exhausted, and they have been troubled with problems for a long time.
If this is what’s happened to you, we have your solution! We know that once your teeth are restored or replaced or renewed (depending upon their condition), that you will feel better, look younger, and live longer.
Dental Exhaustion can exist in a patient’s mouth who did everything that was recommended for him throughout early adulthood with limited success. He did everything right and gave up when he continued to have problems, and has not been to see the dentist in years. Perhaps only one negative experience took place, and the patient decided against returning, and now his problems have grown into a health deterioration of his mouth and body with dental diseases having taken over his life.
Maybe there were a number of things that were professionally recommended to a patient, and he didn’t comply with any of them.
At the time, it seemed like it didn’t matter, but now he regrets his choice not to take care of his teeth.
The outcome of each of these stories is that someone is very unhappy now. He doesn’t smile for pictures or his energy level is low due to the disease inside his mouth, or he looks much older than his actual age… Is your story one of these or a combination of the three? It’s not important. What is important, though, is that we can help!
No matter how bad you think your smile situation is today—-we assure you that we have seen worse!
If you haven’t even come into our tropical dental resorts to meet us and to experience our concierge levels of service, we ask again:  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???
Please don’t go another day feeling your worst and hiding every opportunity to smile and laugh and enjoy your life!
Call us at 1-877-526-4547 and Kim or Carol will schedule you (or someone you love) promptly for a complimentary masterpiece smile consultation. We will work together with you to create the treatment plan that’s customized just for you!
It’s time to start feeling great again! It’s time to own the room with your bright, beautiful, healthy smile again!
We can’t wait to get started!
Remember, your loved ones are counting on you! The best way to ensure our loved ones’ health is to transform our own!
We can be at our best, and then we can best take care of others!
It all starts with a healthy smile, and that healthy smile begins with a complimentary smile masterpiece consultation here at Dr. Anglis’ tropical dental resorts in Crown Point or Michigan City!
You may need to have missing teeth replaced with dental implants so that you can chew properly, and have good digestion.
You may need to repair and strengthen decayed or broken teeth with dental crowns (caps). You may need to have your teeth professionally cleaned to remove dangerous bacteria associated with periodontal (gum) disease so that these toxins don’t move through your body causing serious health problems.
(Did you know that gum disease is contagious and that you can easily pass along your dangerous bacteria during family meals?)
There is no way for us to know what your dental needs are until you join us for your complimentary consultation.
At that time, we will be able to determine what steps are needed to create your masterpiece smile and to start the journey back to health!
Don’t you deserve to be healthy? Doesn’t your family deserve health and longevity?
At our tropical resorts, you will be pleasantly surprised at how easily we can transform your smile from ordinary to exceptional!
Join us today in Crown Point or Michigan City and experience our unparalleled service and attention to detail! You will appreciate our VIP treatment as it is an honor to serve our patients!
It’s time for you to look your best, and to improve your health! You will be pleased with your choice to get well – and to finally feel the way you used to feel in your younger years!
We understand that many people may have a different set of previous experiences in which they were under-appreciated, ignored, dismissed, or treated rudely. That will not be the case when you invest your time with us…..we believe that you are the reason we have existed as a business for two generations and over sixty-seven years of commitment and service!
So many of our patients meet us, and are concerned that their mouths are beyond help, but nothing could be further from the truth.
In our many years of experience, we have seen absolutely everything, and we know we can help you to look and feel better this year!
When you visit our tropical dental resorts in Crown Point and Michigan City, Indiana, you will experience a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere featuring a concierge level of service. While sipping a custom crafted beverage, you will be surrounded in a tranquil environment designed especially for you!
Our patients always say that they can hardly believe it, but they “look forward to coming in to see us” for their treatment!
If we haven’t met you yet, isn’t it time to consider becoming one of our patients, too?
We are at your service – ready to schedule your Masterpiece Smile Consultation (valued at $695) so that all of your dental problems will quickly become ancient history. There are a variety of options to get you started —some of our patients begin with their experience online – as you have done. Others come in right away to meet us and to get started with their smile masterpiece as soon as possible! If you prefer a one-on-one visit, we offer private complimentary consultations and customized treatment planning designed just for you!
If you prefer to be part of a group who asks questions, we have a monthly seminar coming up soon.
Once you contact us at 1-877-526-4547, one of our friendly concierge team members will promptly schedule you!
It’s time to start planning for your bright, new smile! Have you been unhappy with your smile and your eating challenges, and been putting off treatment for a while? Did you know that many of our patients start smiling for the first time as adults  once they’ve experienced our dental care? And once they’ve eaten whatever they like? There really is a lot to smile about when you join us at our tropical dental resorts! We start with transforming your smile into a masterpiece, and then the rest of your body gets healthier and younger simultaneously!
Many serious diseases are directly related to the health of your mouth. Did you know that all heart disease,  type 2 diabetes, and Alzheimer’s Disease, and pancreatic cancer are connected to the dangerous bacteria found in dental infections and disease? Are you suffering with gum disease, loose or missing teeth, badly decayed teeth? We can help! We believe that, with our treatments, you can actually feel younger next year! Most times, it’s even the next week or the next day!!!
“How is that possible?” You may ask…well, we will tell you: Missing teeth, gum disease, dental infections, decay, and bad breath all work in unison to age you as they make the rest of your body sick. Is dental disease or decay robbing you of your dental health and your body’s health?
Whatever your dental problems are now or whatever your past dental experiences may be, we are here for you!
Our goal is to provide you with the finest customer service in the most relaxing atmosphere possible as you turn back the hands of time to look and feel younger next year!
It’s time to renew your health and to rejuvenate your appearance with a smile masterpiece creation at Dr. Anglis’ tropical resorts located in Crown Point and Michigan City, Indiana. Don’t wait – you will love the results!
Don’t live in the area? No problem – we will assist you in making all of the travel and accommodation reservations necessary for your visit. Patients come for treatment in our practice from Florida, New York, Arizona, and South Carolina!
Whether you need to replace a missing tooth or all of your teeth, our dental implant services will fulfill all of your desires – from a single tooth implant to our amazing All-On-Four dental implant treatment – we can take care of anything you need!
Call toll-free today at 1-877-526-4547 and we will start right away! One phone call will change your life for the better!
Feeling anxious about dental treatment? Relax with our sedation dentistry and wake up with a new smile!
You will wake up refreshed and renewed as you look into the mirror to see your transformed self! Why not give yourself the ultimate gift of a masterpiece smile? The smile of your dreams! Be good to yourself today!
Have you been thinking about renewing your energy and increasing your self-confidence? Are there more things you’d like to be accomplishing but your smile holding you back? If you are self-conscious about your smile or breath, we can help you right away.
If you cover your mouth when you speak, we are the ones to call. If you feel like you look much older than your actual age, it’s time to take action and call us today at 1-877-526-4547!
Have you not been feeling well lately? It may be dental disease in the form of decay or gum infections that are making you sick since these diseases send their dangerous bacteria through your entire body. You can feel extra tired and your systems can become compromised with active infections and poor digestion due to the problems inside your mouth. If you are not at your best, call us today at 1-877-526-4547! It’s time to create the smile of your dreams! We will work together at our tropical resorts located in Crown Point and Michigan City, Indiana, and provide you with exceptional service!
Please call 1-877-526-4547 today to schedule your first visit! One of our friendly concierge team members will promptly schedule you at our Crown Point or Michigan City resorts.
Whether you need cosmetic dentistry like bleaching and veneers or tooth replacement with our magnificent dental implant options featuring the All-On-Four Treatment, rest assured that we will treat you well and pamper you with our outstanding customer service!
It’s time for you to call 1-877-526-4547 today and find out how we have taken people’s smiles from ordinary to exceptional!
You will glide through our perfectly orchestrated treatment plan, and emerge with the best version of yourself!
We can’t wait to meet you!
Dr. Leonard F. Anglis, DDS, MAGD, ABGD, ABID and Team