Photo Gallery

Beautiful dentistry done by Dr. Anglis is really something special. You look better, chew better and feel so much better about yourself.The following photographs depict several different treatment types that represent just some of the artistic dentistry we do. Check back often as we are constantly updating this section with new patient photographs.



Case 1

This patient had always been unhappy with the appearance of his front teeth. Numerous fillings were placed through the years, but they always discolored and eventually came off. Porcelain veneers were the way to treat him and the result is a beautiful, long-lasting smile!




Case 2

Stacey always wanted a perfect smile to go along with her personality and lifestyle. Our solution was to use very thin porcelain veneers to create the smile she always wanted.




Case 3

This patient had a smile that he was never happy with. He went for years not knowing what to do about it and whether he could afford treatment. A beautiful smile and small monthly payments were the secrets.




Case 4

This patient always wanted a whiter smile than she had. She had very nice teeth that needed a little lightening using BLEACHING.




Case 5

David always wanted a smile that was reflective of how he felt about himself both personally and in business.


His old porcelain crowns (that were showing black lines at the edges when he smiled) were replaced with beautiful all porcelain bonded crowns that will never show a dark line again.
Case 6
Vicki was always concerned with how her teeth looked when she smiled. Through the years she had several of her front teeth breaking and chipping.
A solution was designed using porcelain veneers (a very conservative porcelain restoration that is only 1/2 mm thick) that solved her dental problems and created a beautiful smile for her.
Case 7
Ken never really thought about his front teeth being darker and not as straight as they should be when he was younger.
But he finally realized what an amazing improvement his smile would make on both him and the people he is in contact with – both socially and at work.
Case 8
This patient wore temporaries for just 3 weeks (and even they were beautiful!), then this beautiful new smile was placed.
Another smile that will CHANGE their LIFE.