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Do You Fear The Flack?
We have heard from a number or our treasured patients that they were worried about getting “flack” from others for taking care of their teeth.
The perceived disapproval from other people delayed them from getting the treatment that they wanted, needed, and deserved.
The problem is that other people do not have to live with the consequences of doing no treatment, but you do.
While they might like to judge or criticize you for doing the right thing, they don’t have to live with teeth that embarrass them or limited food choices because they cannot chew properly, but you do.
You deserve to look younger, to feel better, and to live longer, and we will do everything in our power to make that happen for you!
If something is dragging you down like your dental problems, your energy may be totally sapped and you may be unhappy with your appearance or uncomfortable with broken, decayed or missing teeth…..and maybe this has been going on for a while now…….
Why go on any longer with all of these dental problems?
You owe it to yourself and your family to call us at 1.877.526.4547 today to schedule your own complimentary consultation visit to find out how to solve all of your dental problems and to finally have the smile that you need, want, and deserve!
If you are suffering with missing teeth, broken or decayed or discolored teeth, it is time to give yourself the gift of a new smile!
Not only will you look younger and feel better about yourself, but the disease processes taking place inside your body can be halted with expert dentistry as those infections are removed from your mouth easily, quickly, and smoothly through our complete, customized dental treatments.
Nearly all of the inflammatory diseases that occur in our bodies are connected to dental diseases that look like decay, gum infections, and missing teeth….
Did you know that 90% of our immunity is found in our “gut health”?  We want to work to build immunity levels here so that your entire system is healthy!
If your teeth are loose due to decay, infection, or disease, not only will they be lost, but the bacteria will spread through your entire body…….
Please do not allow that to happen—your dental health decline will lead to and add to the decline of your whole health.
Dr. Anglis and his team can quickly, smoothly, and easily solve all of your dental problems and help to bring you back to better health with one phone call to 1.877.526.4547!
You owe it to yourself to call us today at 1.877.526.4547 and schedule your complimentary visit to discover what's possible inside your mouth!  
Make the choice to be good to yourself since you are the best investment -- no depreciation and only gains to be made!
What is so bad about dentures, anyway?
So many of us grew up in the generation watching our Grandparents "soak their teeth" in a cup every night, and it was commonplace for senior citizens to have removable dentures.  
At that time, it was the only option.  Unfortunately, our natural teeth impart over 400 pounds of pressure to properly chew our food, while dentures only provide 40 pounds at most---relegating their wearers to a soft diet.
In full disclosure, there are about 5% of denture wearers who are comfortable, but most of the other 95% are not.
The hard palate, or roof of the mouth, is covered with a full denture so the temperature and texture of foods are not felt.  As a result, many upper denture wearers suffer from food burns and abrasions on their soft palates and throats since they have no guidance initially when the food enters their mouths.
This is the reason that, on a weekly basis, our patients who have experienced our Magnificent All-On-Four Dental Implant Treatment have enjoyed fixed teeth in a bridge formation which allows their hard palates to be free to gauge temperatures of food and to enjoy chewing it thoroughly!
In 2023, we fortunately and Blessedly have many options when it comes to tooth replacement -- whether one tooth or an entire arch of teeth!  Dentistry has come such a long way in serving us well!
Did you know that dental implants return 90% of the chewing pressure back to us?
As far as the lower conventional dentures.......they are very difficult to wear since they have nothing to hold onto and flip frequently around during chewing and speaking.........there is no reason to put up with this situation any longer!
Please remember that the top jaw remains stationary and stays in place while the lower jaw moves on its "hinges" ( a.k.a the TMJ) and hits up against the upper jaw.
As you can imagine, so many denture wearers are uncomfortable and self-conscious, and do not smile as much as they should....
What about you?
Are You Smiling Today?


Do you smile easily?

Do you smile frequently?

Do you like to show off your smile?


If not, do you wonder how you are perceived by others?  Do they think you are upset, angry, unhappy, or frustrated with them?


It may not be any of those may simply be embarrassed by your smile.....


Could it be that you are self-conscious about your smile?


If you are uhappy with the appearance of your smile, we are here to help you solve that problem!


We have solved that same problem for thousands of our patients, and we can easily and smoothly help you, too!


Is Your Smile Aging You?


One of our favorite commercials is the one where the young lady is saying that "age is just a number, but hers is unlisted" because we can all relate to it!


We all know that age is just a number, but we certainly want to retain and enhance our youthful appearances, don't we?


And, nothing ages you like broken, decayed, or missing teeth.


A bright, beautiful, healthy smile is the key to always looking younger and stronger!


We will help you reach your goals and solve all of your dental problems starting with one call to our friendly concierge team at 1.877.526.4547!


Have you ever heard the old saying, "We all want to live a long life, 

but none of us wants to get older" from friends and loved ones?

We hear it many times here in our tropical dental resorts

as we help our patients to look younger,

feel better, and live longer!

Our personal mission is to help you to live a long, healthy

life with highly functional teeth and a

fully restored smile.

Once accomplished, your self-confidence will soar and 

you will find yourself smiling all of the time!


Did you know that smiling is good for you?


It absolutely is, and here's why:


Smiling reduces stress.


According to, when you smile after a stressful task, you will experience a reduced heart rate than those who keep a neutral facial expression.


Smiling is contagious.


When someone else sees you smile, their brain fires up neurons that mirror the same response, and they smile back at you!


Smiling is a natural pain reliever.


When you smile, your body releases their natural pain relievers called

dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin.


You're more attractive when you smile.


Studies continue to show that people are attracted to you when you smile because they consider you to be sincere, reliable, and relaxed.  


And, most of all, when you smile, people perceive you as being happy.  


Do You Look Like A Happy Person?


When others are visiting with us, they spend 50% of the time looking into our eyes and 50% of the time looking at our teeth. No matter what we are wearing, the condition of our teeth stands out most!


If you have yellow, broken, decayed or diseased teeth or gum tissues, others will be fixated on that visual during the conversation.


If you are hesitant to smile because of the condition of your teeth and gum tissues, you may be perceived as an unhappy person.

Unfortunately, "unhappy people" are more difficult to approach.


If you are experiencing any of these challenges or difficulties, it's time to call Dr. Anglis today at 1.877.526.4547!


Our helpful, friendly concierge team members will promptly schedule you for your complimentary visit so that your new smile will accurately reflect your youthful appearance, your healthy disposition, and your confidence!


You may be asking yourself if this is the right time to create your Smile Masterpiece.....Yes, it is!


We all question ourselves, don't we?


Is it the right time to begin your essential "self-improvement" project now?
Is it the right time for you to look younger with artistically designed teeth?
Is it the right time for you to feel better with disease and decay swiftly and  easily removed from your mouth?
Is it the right time to enhance your natural immunity and to increase your longevity?
The answer to all of these questions is a resounding "YES"!
There is nothing like a fresh, bright, healthy smile to make us look younger, feel better, and live longer!
If you have been waiting for the perfect time to create your Masterpiece Smile, the time is now!  Do not put off the smile you truly need, want, and deserve any longer!  Please call 1.877.526.4547 now!
When others meet us for the first time, we must be proud of our smile since it will help us to exude a friendly presence, openness, and most of all, confidence!
Each of us has favorite features that we enjoy "spotlighting" to others!
Perhaps, you have beautiful eyes or a flawless complexion or a perfectly shaped nose....there is probably some feature for which you have received many compliments during your life!
Now, what about your smile?
Do you love your smile?
Are you proud of your smile?
Do you show your teeth when you smile for pictures?
Do people think that you are a happy person since you are always smiling?
If you have answered "no" to any of the above questions, then it's time for a change to take place in your appearance......
It's Time For Your Masterpiece Smile!
Not only will your beautiful, youthful, and custom-designed Masterpiece Smile remarkably improve your appearance, it will improve your health as well!
Ours is an unusual profession in that everyone who receives our expertly designed treatment becomes healthier and stronger, and we are honored and Blessed to provide this type of care!
Rest assured that your new Masterpiece Smile will benefit you with health, strength, a youthful and a more attractive appearance!
Your smile should reflect your success, your exuberance, and your zeal for life!
If it does not, it's time to take action!
There is no better time to start than now!
With over forty years of experience in serving the needs of our treasured patients, we have met some of the finest people ever who have continuously put loved ones first and done everything possible for all of them to have healthy, beautiful smiles!
A few of them have put their own needs "on hold" during this same time, and unfortunately, have paid the price for allowing problems to complicate and increase.....
If you have been putting off taking care of yourself and your smile, this is the reminder you need!  When we don't take care of ourselves, it is very difficult to take care of others we love.
If you are experiencing the pain and discomfort of decayed, diseased, or missing teeth,
your overall health will be adversely affected.
If you are embarrassed by your smile, and hold your hand over your mouth when you speak or avoid all photos because you do not smile, you and your loved ones are missing out on the chance to really enjoy your time together!
It's really all about personal freedom.......
Freedom from Pain and Embarrassment---
Now and Forever!
We would like to offer you freedom from the pain and embarrassment that you may be suffering right now because of problems inside your mouth.  It's time to renew your goals to be healthier and stronger this year! You deserve a beautiful smile that truly reflects your youthful appearance!
First, from a health perspective: The presence of periodontal (gum tissue) disease and its associated inflammation connects you to all other inflammatory diseases including type 2 diabetes, all heart disease, Alzheimer's Disease,
and certain types of cancers.
The good news is that periodontal issues can be corrected through therapeutic visits at our tropical dental resorts. These prescribed essential dental visits can include professional therapies, laser treatments, special medicaments, and just the right home care devices for you to use at home each day!
Second, from an appearance perspective: Nothing ages you like broken, missing, yellow or decayed teeth. Period.
It's time for your radiant smile to reflect your successful and joyous life!
The Masterpiece Smile that you want, need, and deserve will be artistically designed here---all under one relaxing tropical dental resort roof, and you will be amazed at your transformation!
Call us today at 1.877.526.4547 and experience our unsurpassed level of care as your health and appearance re renewed and restored in the best possible way!
We will offer our Complimentary Masterpiece Smile Consultation (valued at $795) until 
April 30, 2024.  One phone call and your life will be changed for the better!
It's your time now!
Dr. Leonard F. Anglis, DDS, MAGD, ABGD, ABID
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